Angora – TPV748-23-8008

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Glue-down Luxury Vinyl Plank – Classical Appearance of Real Wood

Micro-Beveled Edge
Top Surface: Deep Emboss
Plank Dimension: 7”x48”
Thickness: 2mm
Wear Layer: 0.3mm

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Suitable for

Residential use

Ideal for

  • Offices, kitchen
  • Bathroom, laundry room
  • Living spaces
  • Entryways
  • Game and recreation rooms
  • Basement

100% Waterproof

Water-proof and moisture poof

  • Phthalates free
  • Zero formaldehyde content

Soft and Quiet

  • Natural underfoot comfort
  • Warmer than tradionnal surfaces like wood, ceramic and stone
  • Absorbs impact noise and sound

Durable Wear Layer

with enhanced coatings and UV protection

Heavy-Duty Household Gauge

  • 2mm Thickness

Heavy-duty wear layer

  • 0.3mm

Easy to Install

on different surfaces

  • No heavy tools
  • Easy to repair
  • No underlayment required
  • Easily installs anywhere in your home

Easy to Clean

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to take care of using a wet mop

Residential Vinyl Plank Flooring

Glue down vinyl tile offered in a wide selection of classical appearance of real wood.

Available plank size of 6'' x 36'' / 6'' x 48'' , 2mm thickness and trending colors to personalize your living space.

High resistance against dents and scratches.

Soft and quiet for a warm natural under foot comfort.

Vinyl Plank Composition


Basic rules and guidelines before laying down your new floor

The substrate for Technofix planks must always be solid, completely flat, load-bearing and permanently dry (max. 2% humidity). In addition, it must be clean and free of debris.

Following the advice bellow will ensure the best results for each type of base floor:

Concrete/cement/anhydrite floor:
If necessary, level the base floor with a self-leveling compound and remove all dust. Use appropriate cement-based patching and skim coating compounds to fill holes, voids and minor irregularities in concrete substrates.

Underfloor heating:
Combining Technofix flooring with an underfloor heating system, the temperature must remain below 28°C at all times. Do not place vinyl tiles or vinyl planks on any heating elements. The heating system must be turned on for at least 4 weeks before the floor is laid down in order to prevent shrinkage and expansion of the base floor.

Tile floor:

Fasten loose tiles. Fill the joints with a leveling compound or level the floor entirely.

Wooden substrate:

Make sure that nails and uneven areas have been removed and secure any loose wood floorboards. The wooden subfloor must be solid and completely stable. Do not place vinyl tiles or vinyl planks on any heating elements. Always leave 10mm of space between the wood boards panels and the wall, heating pipes and door frames, etc. Use appropriate cement-based patching and skim coating compounds to fill holes, voids and minor irregularities in plywood floor substrates.

Soft vinyl or carpet flooring:
Most floor coverings such as soft vinyl, cork and carpet must be removed and follow the steps described in the basic rules for the concerned substrate prior to the application of a Technofix flooring. Any weakly bonded or soft surface material, such as loose adhesive residues, leveling compounds, floor coverings or coatings must be removed properly.



Measure the length "A" of your room (in linear feet)
Measure the width "B" of your room (in linear feet)
Multiply the length "A" by the width "B"
The result will give you the total surface area to cover.


The surface must free from grease, oily residue, waxes, and paint which could prevent a good bond.
The surface must be clean and free of dust.
The surface must be dry and free of moisture and mold.
A glossy surface must be sanded to allow for proper adhesion.
TECHNOFIX vinyl flooring molds to the existing surface. Prepare the surface so as to eliminate all irregularities;
countersink nail heads, fill cracks and holes.


a) Find the exact center of the room
b) Trace a reference line the entire length of the room marking the exact center


Note: The room temperature should be between 10°C and 35°C
a) Choose a section of the floor and spread adhesive on all surface.
b) Starting at the center point begin installation. Place the tiles as accurately as possible to avoid sliding them on the surface of the glue. Firmly press down on each tile to ensure that they are properly glued to the entire surface.
c) Progressively install the tiles, one line at a time, until the section is complete. When beginning the second row, offset the piece so the seams do not meet up with the first row.
d) If there is an excess of glue in the seams during installation, quickly clean the excess with a dry or damp cloth. If the glue is dry the use of a mineral spirit will most likely be needed.


a) For the next section of the floor, repeat steps 4 b), c) and d).


a) Clean excess glue with a dry or damp cloth. If the glue is dry, the use of mineral spirit will likely be necessary.
b) If you have a floor roller, roll over your tiles to ensure that the entire surface has come in contact with the glue.

Physical properties Specification
Product number TPV748-23-XXXX
Width 7 inches (183 mm)
Lenght 48 inches (1219 mm)
Total thickness 2 mm
Wear layer thickness 0,30 mm
Top surface coating Mat polyurethane with UV protection
Type of top surface Deep emboss BP1
Type of bottom surface Dry back
Plank edges Micro-beveled edge
ft2 per unit 2.4 ft2
Limited warranty
Residential 20 years
Light commercial 10 years
Technical properties Specification
Percentage of virgin vinyl 100%
Percentage of recyclable materials 100%
Phthalates content Phthalates Free
Toxicity ASTM F963-07 Non toxic, no VOC's
Static coefficient of firction ASTM D2047-11 (Dry: 0.8/ Wet: 0.8)
Residual indentation ASTM F970
Reaction to fire - flame Spread ASTM E648-10 (Class 1)
Reaction to fire - smoke Spread ASTM E662 (<=450)
Dimensional stability and curling ASTM F1700:2004 (0.013''/pi)
Flexibility ASTM F137:2008 (100mm)
Chemical resistance ASTM F925
Resistant to impact ASTM F1265:2003A
Impact insulation class ASTM E492-2009 (IIC=68)
Sound transmission class ASTM E90-2009 (STC=73)
Indoor Air Quality FloorScore® Certified SCS-EC10.3-2014 v4.0
Recommended adhesives
Concrete* and Wood substrate MAPEI - Ultrabond Eco 360
ARDEX - Henry 695

*Concrete substrate must be prepared per ASTM F710 standards including, but not limited to the following:

Concrete floors must be dry, clean, smooth and structurally sound. They shall be free of any foreign materials that might prevent adhesive bond, including dust, dirt, solvent, paint, wax, oil, grease, residual adhesive, adhesive removers, incompatible sealers, fire-retardant chemicals, fungicides, release agents, alkaline salts, excessive carbonation, laitance, mold, mildew, and curing, sealing, hardening or parting compounds.

Fill all surface cracks, grooves, depressions, control joints and non-moving joints with moisture-resistant patching and self-leveling compounds, allow to fully cure and correct high spots before applying adhesive.

The substrate, adhesive and flooring must be acclimated in an enclosed building with the HVAC operational between 60-95°F (15-35°C), and between 30-65% relative humidity, for at least 72 hours before, during and after the installation.