TFP-604 Polypropylene Washer

1 3/4″ Polypropylene washer (45 mm)

1,75″ inches diameter (45 mm)

Natural color (White)

Quantity per Box : 1000

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Properties :

  • Firmly locks insulation panels
  • Non-corrosive
  • Can be screwed or nailed on
  • Adheres to the base coat insulator through the keys
  • Coating keys into opening for positive locking power
  • Made from polypropylene selected for its resistance to alkalis in cement as well as dryness from the sun

The TFP-604 washer is a mechanical fastener made of high-density prolypopylene designed to firmly fasten insulating panels, fiberglass mesh or metal mesh.

Keys allow the base adhesive to reach the insulator, increasing the strenght of the system. Whether it is nailed or screwed on, the TFP-604 will easily and firmly fasten to the structure.