TFP-904 Polypropylene Washer

2″ (50 mm) Polypropylene washer

2″ (50 mm) inches diameter

Natural color (White)

Quantity per Box : 1000

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Properties :

  • Firmly locks insulation panels
  • Creates a thermal break
  • Adheres to the base coat insulator through the keys
  • Excellent wind-load resistance
  • Finger closures keep the base coat from penetrating the cone
  • Made from polypropylene selected for its resistance to alkalis in cement as well as dryness from the sun

Made of high-durability polypropylene, the TFP-904 washer has been designed to firmly fasten insulation panels to a structure.

Its large 2” diameter (50 mm) and interior cone design greatly increase panel stability. Inserting the screw in the cone allows non-thermal bridging and reduces the risk of fasteners corrosion.

The TFP-904 will work with or without adhesives, and permits the continuation of work immediately after installation with no waiting period.