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Let the outdoor environment meet your indoor style with the Contemporaine Series. A unique and clean style for the home and office.


Commercial and Residential 12” x 24” Vinyl Tiles Flooring

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Scratch Resistant

Soft texture, warmth and an imitation of stones and real ceramic to enhance your home decor at a fraction of the price.

Suitable for any floor levels and any rooms, the ideal solution for any moist surrounding like kitchen and bathroom.

Waterproof and scratch resistant for work offices and hallways.

  • Soke – TPV1224-23-3051GR

  • Vicky’s Marble – TPV1224-23-6210GR

  • Cynthia’s Terrazzo – TPV1224-255-8138

  • Dark Gray – TPV1224-255-7007

  • Soft Cemente – TPV1224-255-7008

  • Soke – TPV1224-255-3051

  • Vicky’s Marble – TPV1224-255-6210